Changelog v1.0.1.0:
– Cover animation adjusted
– Bumper pull option added
Changelog v1.0.2.0:
– Adjusted mudflaps decals
– Fixed non-working unfolding animation with preset #2
Changelog v1.0.3.0:
– Fixed not matching color on the bumperpull
– Added position option for the tension belts

20Ft Gooseneck Tipper Trailer
– Configurable capacity (26.000 and 30.000)
– Configurable wheels
– Adjustable working lights
– Unfoldable ramps to allow transport of equipment (only available in basic capacity)
– Custom animation for the cover activation
– Condigurable mudflaps
– Dynamic mudflaps moving with the action of the trailer
– Configurable tension belts for the basic capacity option
– Dual function side markers (turnlights and driving lights)
– Price: 8000

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