Mexssimap SLP v1.5 by Jordi_R (1.36.x) for ATS

Changes in v1.5:
– Map updated to version 1.36.x for ATS
– Major improvements in landscaping over the states of San Luis Potosi
– General optimization of the entire Map project
– New areas for sleep and load gas in the map
– Correction of flying objects, holes and other small visuals in map
– Grass on pavement overall correction
– Remodeled 70 and 70D highway (San Luis Potosí – Rio Verde – Cd. Valles) with new landscapes
– Added Cerritos highway
– Remodeled 80 highway ( San Luis Potosí- Cd. Maiz – El Naranjo) with new landscapes
– Added 101 highway
– Remodeled Tamasopo highway.

Supported versions of the game:
1.35.x + DLC Arizona + DLC New Mexico + DLC Oregon

– Viva Mexico v2.5.2
– Mexico Extremo v2.1.11

Load order:
– Mega Resources 2.1.5
– Mexssimap_SLP_v1.5
– México Extremo v2.1.11
– Viva México Map v2.5.2

1. Download Mexssimap_vxx.scs file
2. Cut and paste the *.scs file into your mod folder directory


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