Bike Friendly Roundabout Roads – Green Bike Lane

🚴‍♂️ Bike Friendly Roundabout Roads – Green Bike Lane 🚴‍♂️

This is a set of two roads that allows you to create bike friendly roundabouts without the need of additional mods, because the nodes are already textured as you build. Simply create a roundabout using the Inner Road, then upgrade the first segment of each approaching road with the Approach Road.

✔️ Features ✔️

🚸 Crossing disabled and no inner pedestrian pavement on the Inner Road.

🏘️ Zoning disabled on the Inner Road.

↔️ 16-metre wide. This is the standard width of basic vanilla roads.

📀 DLC required: After Dark for the bike lanes. Mass Transit for the flags used to connect the bike lanes on the node. Apart from that, the roads can be used without mods. Use TM:PE to better control the traffic flow and the IMT to further detail the node.

🔢 Stats: same as the vanilla two-lane road.


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