Brazil North Map v5.1 (1.37.x) for ETS2

Features Brazil North Map:
– More than 200 cities in the north of Brazil;
– A lot of updates to objects, models and roads;
– Improvements and optimization in all existing cities;
– 03 giant weight for inspection of player load and traffic.
– Extreme road optimization and landscaping for fps gain;
– Improvements in adapting cities to the map using g-point;
– Removal of excess objects within cities;
– Lighting replacement in several cities;
– Extreme Optimization of Vegetation on Dirt Roads (excellent SPF gain);
– Various bug and bug fixes;
– New ferries for crossing along the stretch;
– Removal of excess quagmire on several stretches of dirt roads;
– New layout of highways and dirt roads for better suitability;
– Revision and new layout of several cities and capitals;

Changes in v5.1:
– Added 60 new cities;
– Added new bus stations in the capitals;
– Various fixes and improvements;
– Correction of lighting in some places;
– Elimination of obstacles and invisible walls on the roads;
– Inspection of all toll roads to eliminate collisions or obstacles present inside;
– Adding prefabricated structures to existing bus stations, making it easier for passengers to board and drop off.

Tested on 1.37.x game version


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