Replacement of the agora cooperative by that of ma7
Separation of goats and sheep (creation of a farm)
Separation of hens and ducks (the ducks have to place the production of foie gras)
La ferme des Amis becomes a bull production farm with breeding bulls and transformation from calf to bull (the point of sale for bullets and rest)
Enlarging the map to its maximum size we go to 108 fields and pastures
Addition of an equestrian center (horse boxes are curable)
Addition of an ETA (A zone that can be placed nearby if necessary)
Addition of a green Gamm (purchase of compost and lombri compost
Manufacture of compost and lombri compost (3 production methods with a silos by fermentation, by fermentation with manure and by lombri)
Addition of a drier under lombri compost
compost and lombri compost can be spread to fertilize your fields (be careful with the manufacture of lombri compost that comes out wet it must be placed in the dryer before spreading
Addition of crushed grain grains, beet pulp
that you can give to the animals as well as the dry corn
At the large cow and calf farm addition of a stall for breeding cows that produce calves
calves you can either transform them into cows or bulls (transformation into a cow on the cow and calf farm, transformation into a bull at the friends’ farms) or use them.


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