6.03.00044 Bale Collector: skip invalid bales
Some bales seem to have a node ID of 0, attempt to skip them
when scanning the field.

6.03.00041 Many minor fixes
Mode 1 with overloader swerve fix #6814 #6801
See if the other vehicle as an overloader, potentially waiting
for us (is near the overload point). We should not swerve as we need to drive under the pipe of the overloader wagon.

Stop at end setting fix for #6845
Never set or reset stop at end automatically.

Also fixed a minor pathfinder bug when generating an alignment
course starting in reverse, made sure the first waypoint really
is always in reverse.

Two-side headland fix for #6847

Editor delete to start fix

Fixed some MP debug output and Editor delete all WP to start
for SP and MP. #6297

Full credits to @Satissis who helped us out once more ūüôā

6.03.00040 Grimme DLC fix
fix call stack with harvesters with no pipe, fixes #6824
stop at end option back for mode 5, closes #6808
Köckerling Vectors added to the vehicle configuration, so CP
handles them as towed implements with wheels, fixes #6823

6.03.00038 Bale unload fixes #5837 (#6798)
Check bale height when unloading bales to find the spot to unload.

6.03.00034 Convoy for lands pattern fixed
Fixes a minor issue when using convoy (multitool) with lands
or other patterns with wide turns where the vehicle in the front
let the one behind it pass after a turn.

6.03.00033 Plow and weather fixes
combines lower header after the rain stops, fixes #5039
Reintroduced manual working width configuration.
Can now be configured in XML, fixed SPSL9 working width,
fixes #6738
Added back that we need a mouse cursor, but now we can use any cursor and not only CP.
fixes #6735

6.03.00032 Convoy and attach/detach fixes
Better progress calculation for convoy mode (fixes #6011)
Reset mode when detaching/attaching implements (fixes #6726). This caused
some implements not reversing correctly.

Fixes #6724, when checking nearby vehicles, only check
ones which are enterable.

Fixes #4955 #6646 AD courses have no speed set,
handle that in the course editor.


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