Crosetto Pack v2.0

– added the new trailers.

Crosetto Pack contains the following equipment:
Tippers/trailers for transport the harvest.
– CMD184 is 3 axles, price from: 82.000 € and capacity: 26.000-39.000 liters
– CMD187 is 3 axles, price from: 83.000 € and capacity: 29.000-44.000 liters
– CMR301 is 3 axles, price from: 83.500 € and capacity: 26.000-39.000 liters
– CMR304 is 4 axles, price from: 94.000 € and capacity: 29.000-44.000 liters
– CMR307 is 4 axles, price from: 95.000 € and capacity: 33.000-50.000 liters

Bale trailers for manual or automatic bale transport supporting different bale sizes and positions. The trailers is ideal for the transport of round bales and square bales, but it is also possible to transport vehicles and objects. With the autoload version the straps are not hooked but the bales remain blocked by the script. To use the straps unload the bales on the trailer and hook the straps. Automatic bale loading supports: round bales from 1.1 meters to 1.80 meters not in stack, round bales from 1.1 to 1.3 meters in stack, normal and large square bales.
– PC14082 is 2 axles and price from: 30.000 €
– PC240850 is 3 axles and price from: 40.000 €
– PC320970 is 4 axles and price from: 50.000 €

The models are: 2, 3 or 4 axles, different trailer configurations and the colors are customizable.


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