Eigenbau Stationärmotor V8

Umbau & angepaßungen  .:  Pfuscher Garage – BTS /  Butters  Tunig Schmiede
Original .:  Trailer = Eicher Fan ( Vertex Design ) / Motor = ETS & ATS / Amaturen =  Original Giants ( Fiat )
Homemade V8 stationary engine

Remodeling & adjustments.: Pfuscher Garage – BTS / Butters Tunig Schmiede
Original.: Trailer = Eicher Fan (Vertex Design) / Motor = ETS & ATS / Amaturen = Original Giants (Fiat)
– Brand.: Do it yourself
– Category.: Misc
– Price.: 8500.- FS Teuro’s 🙂

! NO brochure realism!
! is a stationary engine that was adapted after 2020!
But it is enough to play and have fun: slight_smile:
Nobody is forced to use this mod.
What can the V8 do?
– Power approx. = 530 hp
– 2 PTO shafts (PTO)
– Body color selection = multicolor
– Color choice rims = multicolor
– different sets of tires
The trailer can drive independently and steer to maneuver,
all shafts, fittings and levers are animated.
Pto lever is controlled with indicator light and lever.
The rear supports are controlled via Mousecontrol (middle mouse wheel)
Different attachment options can be configured!
if necessary, he has to go to the exhaust gas analysis;)
TrailerLow Attacher – with train sizes
TrailerLow Attacher – with K80
Trailer – Zugoese
machines with low or trailer attachers can be connected
Low trailers use the left stern Pto
Trailer the right rear PTO.
!!! Important !!!
“He / she (depending on what it is;)) must be attached to the towing vehicle like a trailer NOT the other way around :)”
So it should …….. HAAAALT Stoppp! ! ! No, something is missing …
A big thank you to Eicher Fan (Vertex Design) for releasing his Blomenröhr trailer
as well as Hoffi and model-rich for the cool quick help with my script problem! ! !
So now … have fun with the BTS – EB 530 V8.

DOWNLOAD LINK 1 (sharemods.com)
DOWNLOAD LINK 2 (modsbase.com)

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