Frozen Island Map v2.0 for GTA 5

Download mod Frozen Island Map v2.0 for GTA 5 | Grand Theft Auto V game.

! Attention !
Before you load this map in your game make sure you’ve checked the “Snow on Terrain” from “Weather Options” in Menyoo. Or you can install whatever snow mod you want. I recommend you to use “light snow” weather or “x-mas” weather.

Changes in v2.0
– Added interiors for the safehouse, motel, bar and gunshop.
– Added new peds.
– Added new buildings.

Changelog v1.1
– Fixed some peds that were under the map.
– Added new peds.

This island is inspired from Alaska, Svalbard, Greenland and many more polar places in the world. I’ve tried to bring the mood of a polar village. You can find wild places, a dock, a school, a police station/hospital, an oil industry, an airport etc. It is your job to explore the map. You can get there with a boat, plane or helicopter, follow the checkpoint.

This map consists in two files: the menyoo file that is the map itself and the mapeditor file that adds peds and vehicles.

I’m open to your suggestions. Leave a comment about this map and a like if you want to support my work. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


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