Felsbrunn Edit 3.0

Hello LS19 fans

Version 3.0 Multifruit
1. Lidl poster on Lidl has been corrected.
2. Paths of the animals was changed by Mapeigene files on Giantsdateien sodas the APE mod works. Only the stable does not work the APE mod because this is an external horse stable mod.
3. Mist is now displayed in the price list in the menu.
4. unloading point of the potato factory has been corrected.
5. Trainee sound files have been corrected.
6. Built in composting.
7. Map prepared for Season Ready.
8. Potato washer installed.
9. Malt production, fuel production built-in.
10.Sugar built-in.
11. Several buildings built for productions.
12. Manual light installed in RumWhiskyherstellung.
13. Corrections Animated wooden gates pushed into built-in decoration.
14. Many minor details and deco built-in.
15. Unnecessary Specular removed from Map which are no longer needed in LS19 and further various optimizations such as ClipDistancen reduced (sometimes from 1 000000 to 500 set).
16. Beautified trees planted regions.
17. Tipcol the map adapted to the corresponding built-in building sodas snow is not in buildings.
18. Additional sawmill built for production of empty pallets and board pallets.
19. Manure storage Kopostlager and slurry storage installed.
20. Fields adapted or changed.
21. Cardboard production, flour production, barrel production built in and much more.
22. Tobacco textures created and incorporated as a fruit type.
23. Cigarette factory installed.

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DOWNLOAD LINK 2 (modsbase.com)

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