HINTERKAIFECK MAP (The myth comes in the LS)

Hello everybody,
a little pre-Christmas gift from the modding world 🙂
The Hinterkaifeck Map.
We really hope you like it and you have loads of fun on the map.
The map was tested for errors .. but as it is in life, mistakes are always overlooked.
I would be grateful if you were looking for the remaining mistakes. I promise you to fix them quickly 😉
This time I received a lot of support from the following people:
RitchiF, for the MapLayout near forest, dirt roads and fields.
HoFFi, who created the terrain via Google Maps
OurTesters: Lea Torash & V8ScaniaV8 & Zetor6245
Thank you guys!

DOWNLOAD LINK 1 (sharemods.com)
DOWNLOAD LINK 2 (modsbase.com)

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