This map is based in Hampshire, UK. Changelog
– Seasons ready with all the improvements of Oakfield seasons update
– Field 17 is now a sheep pasture as well so you can rotate your sheep. (Please make sure the land is yours, if you want to use this pasture)
– BGA area is fixed, you’re not able to place anything
– Grass now grows on grass paintable land
– More realistic water shader
– My new Grass package with cut grass texture
– Various other tweaks and fixes
– Distance Dof (graphics) has been removed to improve FPS and distance blurryness
– This map includes all Farming Simulator 19 features.
– All animals are built into the map like FS17, but you can add and place your own animal pastures anywhere else
– Main farm can be sold so you can build your own in its place
– Real life PDA map
– Custom lighting engine xml
– New water shader
– Animated objects
– 25 farm lands
– Custom soil textures (melfoy) distance,grass,ground textures
– Two farms (Cows and sheeps) / (Pigs and chickens)
– 2 selling points, BGA, sawmill, forest, dairy, egg selling point, etc.
– 23 fields small / medium / large which are all to scale and correctly positioned from real life
– Over 30 HD new models made by myself
– Custom transport missions and field missions
– Supports FPSDistance mod
– Multi terrain angle

New save game required.


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