Update 10.
If you wish to keep your current game you must clean up all heaps and swaths before updating to 10. Once updated load the map and save straight away to update the save files. Exit then load up again and play. This worked for me.
Update 10 doubles the tip on ground and fill types in the map, updates the BGA and silo tip points, adds in the new potato types storage and sell point updates, adds the new types to the animals and more. The new Lakeland Vale Global Company Mod Pack has updated 2019 versions of Farmer_Andy’s potato washer and steamer and updated Global Company Icon pack and all my other GC installs.
Have fum with it, stay safe and STFAH.
Here’s small update 9.
Adds in connections at the cows, pigs and BGA for the manure system hoses. Fixes an issue with the foliage painting in the landscaping tool. Updates the sheds included with the map. No new game save is required just make a save as soon as you load your current game.
Have fun with it.

DOWNLOAD LINK 1 (sharemods.com)
DOWNLOAD LINK 2 (modsbase.com)

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