Great America Map v1.7.1 by Voith (1.39.x) for ATS

Great America Map – new high quality map with beautifull landscapes, scenery, roads, AI traffic and much more added to ATS game. This is the first release, so we expect more updated and new improvements to be added in the map. The Great America project is an addition to the default American Truck Simulator map, which complements the new US states. The author of this modification, by profession, is a geodesist engineer who creates maps. In his opinion, today there is no worthy map for ATS, which is why Voith has started developing a more detailed map with good textures and optimizations.

Features Great America Map:
– 1300 km of new roads and the state of Idaho;
– improvements and corrections on the map have been added;
– new objects, road signs, nature, highways and much more were added;
– all maps DLC’s required.

Changes in v1.7.1:
– Montana road connection problem and jackson problem fixed now you can go through montana via is-90
– Cody,Greybull,Yellowstone added.
– Yellowstone nat. park,Cody stone tunnel,Wind river reservation,bighorn nat. forest and all scenic landmarks added.
– Some speed limits fixed,Terrain gaps fixed and small ─▒mprovements added.
– New 450 mile road added in mid and north wyoming.
– Next update all missing roads and citys in wyoming will be added and mid side of south dakota is gonna complete.


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