Greenway 2020


You know you’re in deep when you update a map to start a city to take a break from creating assets for an updated map for a restarted city that you’re supposed to be making videos for.

I had no plans to update the Greenway map I released about a year ago, but I needed a map for a casual playthrough so I decided to retrofit that one for my needs. Some people encouraged me to release the new version so here it is.

As Is

I pushed this through in a bit of a hurry so that I could play on it. I let a lot of detail stuff slide that I’d typically be more vigilant about, and I added custom networks which I usually avoid like the plague for map releases, but it should function basically how you’d expect for a map.

Keep in mind that I built this map picturing just a few thousand citizens. The basic diamond interchanges will absolutely have to be upgraded if you want more than a little town. The two lane highways are probably overkill though because the game won’t use extra lanes anyway.


* Slightly altered topography.

* Replaced the highway layout with a linear “end to end” route that’s a little more realistic and should handle intercity traffic better.

* Repainted the trees and used a lot more of them. Up to you whether this is a feature or not.

* Prebuilt downtown grid. I don’t usually do this for maps but I wanted to know where to put my highway ramps for a bit more realistic look.

* Slightly deeper reservoir lake because it didn’t feel very realistic before. Proper earthen dam.


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