Hide It!

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.13.0-f7 (Sunset Harbor)
This mod allows to hide unwanted things in the game.

NEW IN 1.16
– Added support for hiding mailboxes, chairs, tables, parasols, grills, sandboxes, swings, swimming pools, and pots and beds. – Added support for hiding manholes. – Fixed issue with Harmony.

NEW IN 1.15
– Added support for hiding separators in the toolbar. – Removed gameplay and tool color functionality and moved this to new Toggle It! mod.

NEW IN 1.14
– Added support for hiding abandoned cars. – Added support for hiding billboards, logos and fences from Campus DLC. – Removed export functionality and moved this to unreleased Export It! mod.

NEW IN 1.13
– Added support for Hide It! in all load modes. – Added support for hiding Advisor Panel. – Added support for hiding Congratulation Panel (forced modal when reaching new milestones). – Removed hiding of Camera Borders. This must now be done with the Zoom It! mod or another camera mods. – Fixed bug with props without m_props field throwing exceptions.

NEW IN 1.12
– Added support for hiding time panel. – Added support for hiding zoom and unlocking background. – Fixed issue with notification icons being shown in free camera mode.

NEW IN 1.11
– Fixed issue with disaster button being manipulable without Natural Disasters DLC.

NEW IN 1.10
– Added support for hiding new Move It! colors. – Added support for automatic update of trees and props ruining at every load.

NEW IN 1.9
– Added support for hiding parking spaces, cargo containers, garbage containers, garbage bins and cans, garbage piles, tanks, barrels, pallets, crates, planks, cable reels, hedges, fences and gates.

NEW IN 1.8
– Added support for hiding Move It! tool colors. – Added support for hiding flags, smoke, steam, solar panels and HVAC systems. – Added support for hiding rotating billboards (clowns, octopodes, ice cream cones and doughnuts). – Added support for use in map editor.

NEW IN 1.7
– Fixed issue with traffic lights and stop signs overlay not working in infoview. – Added support for hiding ads, billboards, neons and logos. – Added support for hiding runway, taxiway and warning lights in airports. – Added support for disabling light effects on props. This only work for newly added props so far. – Added button to update existing trees and props ruining from options instead of doing it automatically at every load. – Added support for exporting prop info to a HTML5 file.

DOWNLOAD LINK 1 (sharemods.com)
DOWNLOAD LINK 2 (modsbase.com)

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