Hide TMPE crosswalks V3.0

This mod is an add-on for TMPE that automatically removes crosswalks when TMPE bans pedestrian crossing.

– image processing for smooth transition from segments to junctions.
– covers a wider variety of custom roads. (All that I know of. please let me know if you find any that does not work and I will fix it.)
– support for tunnels/bridges/elevated/slope roads, trams and level crossings[duckduckgo.com] .
– pre-cache only roads that have hidden crossings to save memory and duration of game load.
– Network Skins 2 now has a new button to hide crossings using this mod.This allows to hide highways markings too

New In Version 3.0!
– options to create exemption list.
– texture cache reduces processing time and memory (particularly for well designed assets).
– fixed crosswalks for some edge cases.

DOWNLOAD LINK 1 (sharemods.com)
DOWNLOAD LINK 2 (modsbase.com)

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