Hirschfeld Logistics GlobalMarket v1.0.0

Alternative to the placeable GM of the LS-Modcompany. The building can of course also be used as a logistics center.

The LS19 Mod by HoT San and me, Mario Hirschfeld combines a logistics center with the function of the global market from the LS-Modcompany. Do you want more logistics reality in LS? Then this GM is exactly the right building for you. All functions of the global market are built in and if you don’t want to use the GM at all you still have a very nice building for your trucks. You can load and unload here. You can of course also use the market as a silo extension. All of these possibilities now arise.

This Mod LS19 awaits you in this video. Global market to place in the game. Has all the functions of the GM when the Global Market Exe has started. Otherwise you can use the building as a logistics center for your card.

I hope you enjoy it a lot. I’m happy like a snow king 🙂

Required mods:
GlobalCompany – GlobalMarket – EXE

DOWNLOAD LINK 1 (sharemods.com)
DOWNLOAD LINK 2 (Modsbase.com)

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