Mexico Extremo 2.1.9 Aguascalientes is avalaible, which includes;

Changelog for 1.35:
-Map updated to version 1.35.x for ATS, which includes all upgrades such voice GPS, new visuals, etc.
-Map working with DX11 (same as DX9)
-Major improvements in landscaping over the states of Aguascalientes, Zacatecas and Durango, you really need to travel again the roads!
-Included new graphical improvements such as better reflections on the pavement, water, different use of textures, new textures from Washington DLC
-New custom tollbooths, thanks to SIRIO and RaulMtz for the new models.
-New mexican bridges, close to real Mexican bridge, more realism, no crash bug over the bridges.
-Remodeled Durango-Mazatlán highway with the new bridges and landscape. The same route was several optimized.
-Tollbooth real prices.
-General optimization of the entire project. Although some few areas might receive drops on FPS, main cities should be fine and many heavy areas in the mountains still will be working on a future version for more optimization of the map without losing quality.
-Fixed bug where escort police car disappears in a special transport route from Aguascalientes to Zacatecas
-Fixed bug where you couldn’t unload in Guanacevi mine.
-Fixed weather effect under bridges and tunnels, no more rain in tunnels.
-Fixed some road sign text.
-New areas for sleep and load gas in the map.
-Better tracing and several improvements over highway 45, between Fresnillo-Durango, go see it again.
-Better handling of AI traffic in certain points (thou still need to fix some minor areas)
-Functional Kenworth truck dealership in map.
-Correction of flying objects, holes and other small visuals in map.
-Grass on pavement overall correction
-Fix of several issues and errors reported in the last 3 months.
-Major changes in Mega Resources file for optimization, fix of signals, compatibility with any other mod (such as C2C)
-Fixes prefab in Walbert in Everett, WA (not present in MegaRespurces)
-Fixes some SCS signs (such as wrong position, the color of signs, etc), no more SCS sign replacement in Mega Resources file.
-Fixed hole in Yuma, in Viva Mexico map file (please replace the old file with this new one, with the same name).
-Fixed map background in VM and ME so Washington state can appear labeled.
-Fixed some minor issues in Mexico Extremo map, such as holes, an invisible wall, water level error, overlapping trees, etc, reported by the users.
-More optimization in cities, especially in Parral.




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