MHAPro EU 1.39

22 countries
300 cities
199 companies

1. new city Orleans (F) – in progress
2. overlook roads around Le Mans (F)
3. overlook highway Le Mans – Poissy (F)
4. overlook highway Le Mans – Vimoutiers (F)
5. new small city Montaigu (F)
– company fui
– company food service
– company BHV
– company Wilnet transport
– company nos_pat_lhv
6. new connections around city Montaigu (F)
7. new roads around city Montaigu (F)
8. highway connection from Montaigu (F) to La Rochelle (F)
9. many local roads
10. normal road connection from Montaigu (F) to La Rochelle (F)
11. Lille (F) – new look
– overlook cross city
– fixed all 6 connection
– connected with new crosses
12. fixed road connection on north of Lille (F) to Belgium
13. Lille (F) – west part – new highway toll
14. fixed connection to south part – Lille (F)
15. fixed small problems around the city
16. city Calais (F)
– new look with new harbor
– company MHAPro service
– company Transport 21
17. city Calais (F) with new connection to MHAPro map
18. new position toll gate infront of city Calais (F)
19. new city Ceske Budejovice (CZ)
– company fastrans
– company eurogoodies
– company tradeaux
– company McDonalds
– company car_service
– company MHA service
– company trameri
– company veget_prod
– company food_prod
– company cont_port
– company dhl_logis
– company lateds
20. new road from road Praha (CZ) – Linz (A) to Ceske Budojevice (CZ)
21. new road from C.Budejovice (CZ) to highway 1 from Praha to Brno (CZ)
22. new part highway and connection from highway 1 to normal road direction Wroclaw (PL)
23. new big cross and connection on highway 1 to road from C.Budejovice (CZ)
24. new gas station on road from C.Budejovice (CZ) to highway 1
25. new connection to Brno (CZ)
26. new big cross to city Brno (CZ)
27. connected all small roads on the cross Brno (CZ)
28. fixed all small problems around Brno city
29. clean out all old crosses on that part of map
30. new company food_prod in the map MOD
31. new comapny vegetable_prod in the map MOD
32. connected C.Budejovice (CZ) to north on highway 1 to Praha (CZ)



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