Niedersachsenmap [N-Map] v1.7 for ETS 2 [1.35.x]

The N-Map is a very realistic replica of Lower Saxony, or so far mainly
a part of hannover and hildesheim + environment.
I work officially on the map since V 1.28 but actually longer.
The reason that I have built it but only a “small” map is that I alone, in my spare time,
very realistic and with a lot of love work, so that almost every job looks realistic.

*You need the 3 Map DLCs: North, East and France

Take these 4 SCS files (def / defheavycargo, map, models and prefab) and drag them
from the “N – Map_1.7.rar” folder into the ETS2 mod folder, then just the description
ingame (which you have on the mod follow the info sign).
You can decide between the Def with
or without heavy cargo DLC (works only with, if you also bought the DLC)

The map scale is 1: 3




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