No Vanilla Citizens

Prevents vanilla citizens from spawning. Don’t forget to enable in Content Manager after subscribing!
Should be compatible with all other mods and won’t break your save games
Important: If the mod finds no custom citizens for some category, vanilla citizens in that category will continue spawning. Search for Vanilla citizens will be used for service in the outpult log file to figure out which exact citizen categories are still not covered by custom assets.

The mod only affects human models. Please let me know if you would like to prevent vanilla animals from spawning too.

It will take some time for vanilla citizens to disappear from your city as it doesn’t despawn vanilla citizens and just prevent new ones from spawning. Just wait for them to despawn normally and you won’t see them again 🙂

I wanna thank all my patrons for keeping my interest in modding alive! And big thanks to Feindbild who suggested the mod idea and provided me with the cover image using the 50s Styled Citizens Pack for testing.

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