Moin people, let the games begin 🙂 With the new Somewhere_in_Europe 4x Map Multifruit you have the perfect map for exciting LS19 days.
Multifruit: In addition to the normal fruit types, there are onions, carrots, rye, spelled, mixed cereals, millet, poppy, alfalfa, sorghum, strawberry, clover and hops.
These mods are strongly recommended: FS19_MoreTrees FS19_AnimalPenExtension
Currently there are no usable productions the buildings are already on the map are secured only with Absperr tapes. There are also some places where there is something missing
For those who want to play in multiplayer there are three building sites on the map there are also some forest areas on the map
There are three outlets on the map at the time the BGA can be bought and get as well a small Lucerne field.


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