The Autumn Map v1.0 for Spintires: MudRunner

Features Autumn Map:
– 12 intelligence points
– 2 closed garages
– 1 fuel station
3 manual loading points
– 1 autoloading point
– 6 vehicles on the map (closed)
– 4 cars at the start: the Ural 375 has utility, two Kamaz trucks have hinge – to reattach the trailer if needed.
– There are third-party objects

Installing the map:
– Download mod map “Autumn Map” and unpack.
– Transfer the received folder Media to the folder with the game, agreeing with the replacement of files.
– Go to the Appdata / Roaming folder and delete the Spintires folder, thus clearing the cache (It is not always necessary).
– We start the game and play.

Move the folders billboards, classes, levels, meshes and textures to the archive in the root folder of the game or in the Media folder

Tested on game version v14.08.19


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